Enables your digital transformation

Whether you are talking about digitization or digitalization, digitAEC is here to support your digital transformation journey. 

About Us

digitAEC specializes in supporting the implementation and development of digitization and digitalization solutions for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the built environment. The services provided are at the intersection of technology and civil engineering fields, such as Building Information modelling, design automation, generative design, digital twins, and the application of artificial intelligence in the built environment.


Apps Development

digitAEC creates custom-tailored applications to cover your business needs.

Consultancy & Training

digitAEC helps you set up digitization and digitalization strategies for your company, as well as upskills your personnel.

Reseach & Innovation

digitAEC is researching the next generation of cutting-edge innovative technological solutions that aim to disrupt the industry.

Areas of Expertise

Design Automation

Automating boring and repetitive tasks is a must towards improved productivity. digitAEC can help you identify the project or company-specific areas that must be automated. In this journey, we can help you set up a design automation strategic plan and work together with you to develop and implement automation solutions. 

Generative Design

Generative design is the cutting edge approach to generate a wide range of performance-driven design alternatives. digitAEC can develop for you generative models, indentify areas where generative design can be used, strategically planing its implementation.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins helps you and your clients have a more informed, data-driven decision-making process. digitAEC can help you strategically plan the adoption of such a platform for your or your clients’ organization. 

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps you have a better handle on the digital design process and the information flow within your projects. digitAEC can help you setup and roll out BIM implementation and adoption strategies. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps you develop data-driven innovative solutions to improve the processes within your organization. digitAEC can help you identify areas where AI can be employed to improve your and your clients’ business intelligence. 

Our Team

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dr. Lucian Ungureanu

Founder and CEO

Lucian has a PHD in Civil Engineering. He has a longstanding passion for technology.